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Handyman EP (Kit)
Code No. : GM039XM
Wing Span : 36.5 in / 930 mm
Wing Area : 346 / 22.3
Flying Weight : 19-23 oz / 540-650 g
Fuselage Length : 41.5 in / 1055 mm
Requires : 4-channel radio, 4 micro servos, brushless outrunner motor (KM0283010), prop. adaptor, 20A brushless ESC, 2 cells 7.4V 15C 1300mAh (Indoor flying) to 3 cells 11.1V 15C 1800mAh (Outdoor flying) Li-Po battery and charger.

Retail Price: US$ 64.99
Symmetrical airfoil wings with large control surfaces perform 3D maneuvers at pilots' command.
Durable foam construction takes care of un-intentional touch downs.
Powerful outrunner motor (optional) enhance unlimited vertical aerobatic performance.
'Pre-assembled Combo Set Version' , comes with factory installed Brushless Outrunner Motor 28/30 (KM0283010), Propeller Adaptor (HW2340100) and 4 Micro Servos (SV2031).

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