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DF-032 Panther (Combo)
Code No. : GM032C
Wing Span : 33 in / 850 mm
Wing Area : 299 sq in / 19.3 sq dm
Flying Weight : 24 oz / 680 g
Fuselage Length : 26.5 in / 675 mm
Requires : 3-channel "mixing radio" (elevator and aileron), 30A (burst 35A) brushless ESC and 3 cells 11.1V 15C 2100mAh battery and charger

Retail Price: US$ 99.99
'Receiver ready combo set' Version
The Wings Maker's electric jet series
Hot aerobatics at high speed and relaxing flying at low speed
Lightweight and strong EPO foam provides structural strength and rigidity
Launching pad included for ground take-offs

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