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AirMaster EP (40) (Kit)
Code No. : GM049XM
Wing Span : 52 in / 1320 mm
Wing Area : 497 sq in / 32 sq dm
Flying Weight : 62 oz / 1760 g
Fuselage Length : 53 in / 1345 mm
Requires : 4 Mini Servos (SV3031), Brushless Outrunner Motor 37/48 Deluxe-750Kv (KM0374811), Propeller Adaptor (HW2340102), 4-channel radio, 40A Brushless ESC, 4 cells 14.8V 3200 mAh Li-Po battery & charger.

Retail Price: US$ 109.99
The plane that truly follows your command.
You owe yourself an AirMaster to prove that you can fly just as good as the guy out there.
Doing perfect loops or axial rolls will no longer be a challenge.
Symmetrical airfoil wings with precision control surfaces for F3A maneuvers.
Carbon fiber wing joiner.
Pre-painted strong landing gear for unintentional touch downs.
Plastic hinges specially designed for foam models ensure safe and smooth operation of control surfaces.
Powerful outrunner motor (optional) enhance unlimited vertical aerobatic performance.
Durable foam construction takes care of un-intentional touch downs.
Kit and pre-assembled combo version available.

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